In these challenging economic times managers report spending hours of valuable time between sourcing a separate trainer for each of the courses and keeping on top of who needs what training and when.
IMT Services aim to address these issues by assisting you in complying with legislation and providing training on the following courses either independently or in a structured, timely, and cost-effective programme.


Manual Handling

Course includes:
• Overview of relevant legislation
• Anatomy and physiology of the back and back injuries
• Ergonomics
• Risk Assessment of tasks
• 8 principles of lifting a load safely
• Practical component addresses the 5 lifts – Lifting to and from the ground, Lifting to and from a height, Pushing, Pulling, and lifting bags/sacks and loads relevant to your workplace


Occupational First Aid

Course includes:
• First Aid in the Workplace
• Patient Assessment
• Respiratory Emergency
• Cardiac First Response
• Wounds and Bleeding
• Altered Levels of Consciousness
• Musculoskeletal Injuries
• Burns and scalds, chemicals, poison, electric shock


Infection Prevention and Control*

Course includes:
• Chain of infection
• Standard precautions
• General principles of infection prevention and control
• Common infectious diseases
• Effective hand washing including practical
• Waste segregation and management
• Outbreak management and reporting
Full or half-day courses available


Fire Safety and Evacuation

Course includes:
Basic fire training (2.5 hours)
• Relevant legislation, duties of employees and employers
• The chemistry, development and spread of fire
• Fire and portable fire extinguisher classifications
• Fire hazards and prevention in the workplace
• Your role in the event of a fire
• Evacuation procedures (company
• Selection and use of appropriate fire fighting equipment

Fire Warden Training (3.5 hours)
As above plus:
• Roles and responsibilities of the fire warden
• Fire risk assessment and prevention procedures
• Practical exercises


Primary Food Safety Course

This training course is for all Catering Employees in Hospitality, Retail, Industry & Healthcare

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Microbiological Hazards
  • Food Contamination
  • HACCP from Food Delivery to Storage
  • HACCP from Food Preparation to Cooking & Service
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Food Premises and Equipment
  • Pest Control
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Food Safety Law and Enforcement

Environmental Health Association Ireland EHAI Accredited (includes Workbook)

Delivered over 2no. Half Days

IMT Services Company Accredited with Registered Tutor

Delivered over 1 day


This training course can be delivered in house or off site

Please contact us today to arrange your course.



Other Courses Available

• Occupational First Aid 1 day refresher
• CPR, AED and Community First Responder
• Infection Prevention and Control in the Community
• HACCP Training
• People Handling
Please contact us for further information on any of the above courses

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IMT Services aim to address these issues by providing training on the following courses either independently or in a structured, timely, and cost-effective 1-3 day programme.

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